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  • Movie about Drug Runners who help the FBI bring down a drug cartel - era 1981-1983
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    Hello everyone, there is a movie that I say when I was about 10-12-years-old. (Around 1981-83) The movie was about some drug runners that were caught by the FBI. The Fed's gave them an option, either help them catch the main cartel and become free men, or go to prison.
    Both of the men chose to help the Fed's.
    They did what was told, and help bring down the main drug cartel, and the FBI kept their end of the bargain, and let the two ex-drug runners go.
    At the end of the movie, they were walking down a dirt road, and a car pulled up beside both of the men, and shot them both dead on the side of the road.
    The car pulled off, and this really sad music come on, as the camera panned around the two men as they lay dead on the side of the road, then the credits started rolling.

    Any ideal on this one?
    I would really love to see it again, as it was a good movie.
    Thanks all
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    This was the first question posted on Knowledge Exchange.
    Would love to actually have this one closed, that would be a milestone.

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