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    Knowledge Exchange
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    Knowledge Exchange
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  • Knowledge Exchange has gone through several changes over the last few years. Here is a list of all the changes.

    The start of Knowledge Exchange actually came from an idea that Wayne Barron had in the late 1999's early 2000's. The site design started on 12-14-2011.

    Approximately 2 days after the design started, the website went live, at the domain This was a great day, however, there was many bugs in the site, and luckily, there was no members or quest, as the first days was a nightmare for getting the bugs out.

    This release was something we thought was good, though there was hidden bugs that we were unaware of; the site had done well, but nothing like what we had expected it to.

    One of the first real updates came around this time; as we were working on getting the site to look a bit more professional looking and not so dull. The site was coming together; however, it would be a couple more years later before we would finally deliver a site that was fully functional and working correctly.

    The domain used to run as a sub-domain from our site the sub-domain was, however, we decided that we would give it a name change and a new domain name in the process, this gives it a more professional feel, than that of a sub-domain.

    The decision to do a re-design of the sites main welcome page and some of the inner structure came about while Wayne was assisting another member in a question, and notices that the site just did not look like it should. After assisting the other member, and finding several bugs that had existed in the site since its first release, it was at that time, that Wayne decided to get to work, building what you see now.

    After a month and a half of developing the new design of Knowledge Exchange, the BETA release was then uploaded to the live server for testing. This build was never released to the public, as Wayne wanted to make sure there were no bugs in this BETA build, before its final release. On April 4, 2015, Wayne decided to release the build in hopes of finishing the design and coding changes for a public release by the coming Monday April 6, 2015. This build is a Major Build, and something that Wayne is very proud to release.

    Over two months of developing the new design of Knowledge Exchange, 2.0 is release. Started on Friday, March 3, 2017, @ 6:34:01 PM with a thought of making something better than the previous builds. And to also fix some major bugs in the mail system. We are hoping that everything is fixed and that you all will love the new look and design of the site.
    Please enjoy yourself on our new Knowledge Exchange site, and please let your friends, family, and colleagues know about us.